Monday, November 06, 2006

Your Two Sides

You always are that Unity, that Oneness yet having Two sides Inseparable and Indivisible from each other. At one side, You are the Formless Godhead, the Perfect Unity of Source, Spirit and Soul, the Perfect Unity of Father, Mother and Sathguru - Your own Supreme Being. At the other side, You are the Ever-Living Form, the perfect Unity of Breath, Body and Mind.

Without the Formless Godhead, Your own Supreme Being, the Ever-Living Form simply can't exist at all. The Ever-living Form by Itself is nothing but the Material Result of the formless Godhead, Your own Supreme Being Lowering Itself in vibrations.

Without the Ever-Living Form, the Formless Godhead simply can't experience anything at all for the Formless Godhead at Its Highest Vibration is simply a Great Nothingness, the Absolute Zero or Void called Pure Existence, Being or Isness that knows not any other thing but Itself.

You as the Ever-Living Form as well as the Infinite Ever-Living Forms of All Life are the Individuations of the Formless Godhead, suspended and enclosed within the Infinite Void of the Formless Godhead Itself. Thus All Ever-Living Forms are simply the Material Manifestations of the Formless Godhead, contained within Itself, nurtured and supported by Itself.

Imagine a Great Ocean in freezing climate with pieces of ice floating in It. Imagine that there is nothing else other than the Great Ocean. The Formless Godhead is like that Great Ocean. And the Ever-Living Forms are like those pieces of ice floating in that Great Ocean.

The Absolute Knowingness of the Great Ocean, the Formless Godhead, is fully understood experientially within each piece of ice, each Ever-Living Form. There is never an end to this Experiential Understanding, this Wonderful State of Being, Knowing and Bliss that is called Self-Realization, God-Remembrance, Enlightenment, Samaadhi and a host of other terms. Because the Formless Godhead would never like to have an end to this joyful experience at all. Why would It like to put an end to such grand experience?

That is why the Forms are designated as Ever-Living for even while the Individuations may not remain in Form by Spiritualizing Their Forms to the Formless Godhead - the pieces of ice melting into the Great Ocean - Their Memory is forever Present Ever-Living within the formless Godhead. And the Forms can Rematerialize - the pieces of ice reemerging within the Great Ocean - Their Memory Re-crystallizing the Individuations in Form.

Just as every piece of ice is not different nor can it exist apart from the Great Ocean, so Are You as an Individuation in Form not different from the Formless Godhead nor can You exist apart from It. Just as every piece of ice is made from the Substance of the Great Ocean and Solidification does not alter Its Essence in any way, so Are You made from the Substance of the Formless Godhead and Materialization does not alter Its Essence in any way.

Thus if the Substance in Essence is Pure and Perfect, Whole & Self-Sufficient, the resultant Solidification or Materialization is also in Essence Pure and Perfect, Whole & Self-Sufficient, irrespective of the shape of Form It acquires. Thus You as well as All Individuations in Form are Pure and Perfect, Whole & Self-Sufficient at all times in all ways. Substance is the same. Essence is the same. Only Forms appear to differ from each other as well as from the Formless Godhead. Deceptive appearance at the Surface that vanishes in the Depth and Body of the Great Ocean, Your own Supreme Being.

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