Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Affirmations for Establishing God Government

BE "I AM Race", thus race loses all its parochial, divisive, narrow-minded connotations. It is a short and sweet God-Commandment for All Peoples of Mother Earth to Unite as the One Body of God irrespective of the diversity of culture, religion, politics, race, nationality, etc., a Unity in diversity.

I KNOW for sure in the Name of Father-Mother God blazing within Me and All Life that God Government WILL BE Established soon, for isn't it God's Will that His Sons and Daughters may have Life and have It Abundantly.

Let Us remember that this God Government is the Externalization of "the Kingdom of God within Us" proclaimed by Our Beloved Brother Jesus, the Christ and the Great Masters of all religions and traditions.

Let Us surrender Ourselves completely to the Father "I AM THAT I AM" forever abiding within Us as Abbaa, the Living Word and the Mother "I AM" forever blazing within Us as the Flame of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit and allow the SathGuru, the Living Christ to emerge from within Us as the Glorious Second Coming of Christ. Let Us allow the Living Christ fully emerged from within Us, Messiah Who IS the Divine Union of Abbaa, the Father and Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, let Us allow Him to declare loud and clear these Earth-Transfiguring Affirmations through Us.

Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Ever-Living Perfection is Fully Manifest in All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Ever-Bright Self-Effulgence is Brilliantly Shining through All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Supreme Being is Blissfully Abiding within All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, the Nectar of My Bliss is Abundantly Flowing into All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Boundless Love is Unconditionally Embracing All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Great Wisdom is Wholly Given unto All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, the Power of My Grace is Lovingly Nourishing All Life.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Great Compassion is Dwelling in Every One as the One Love-Principle.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Great Effulgence is Dwelling in Every One as the One Light-Principle.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Great Divinity is Dwelling in Every One as the One Life-Principle.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, My Nonconditional Governance Values Every One as Myself in Name and Form and Guides Every One by Unifying, Integrating and Harmonizing Every One with All Others.
Throughout Mother Earth and All Her Nations, I AM Abiding in Every One as the “I AM THAT I AM”, a Self-Sufficient Integral Wholeness Being in Perpetual Self-Transcendence.
I AM THAT I AM. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Let Us offer Ourselves Completely and Whole-Heartedly to the Living Christ and let Us BE the LIVING CHRIST in Action on Mother Earth Here and Now Fully & Firmly establishing Raama Raajyaa, the Non-Conditional God Governance on Mother Earth.

Let Us remember: I, of my own ego, can do nothing. The "I AM THAT I AM" & "I AM", the Father-Mother God within Me and All Life works hitherto, and therefore I work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Be 'U'!!!

Be 'U' Empty(of HMS programs) so that 'I'(First Source) May Flow!
Be 'U' Silent(of meaningless mind chatter) so that 'I'(First Source) May Whisper the Tone of Equality!
Be 'U' Still(uncluttered by manifested physical "stuff") so that 'I'(First Source) May Emanate!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Be 'U' True 'I'(Eye)!

Be 'U' Naked As Essential 'I' & thus Become the True Eye of 'IS' Realizing Itself!

BU 6856!

"B(e) (Yo)u, Integral Light!" (BU 6856 - Heart's Whisper Banged My head through a vehicle's registration number)

Listen to the Divine Command the Heart Forever Whispers.

"Integral Light" is the Transcending of all polarities like black & white, light & dark, the Integration of all differentiations.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sole(Soul) Identity "I"!

Cast Off all the distracting neurotic identifications & BE the Sole(Soul) Identity "I"!

I AM the Sole(Soul) Eye(I) of God Who Is!

Friday, August 19, 2011




See the Impersonal Source! Pass Its Personal Emanation That Is 'I' in 'U', Pass It On To All Life!

Contemplate Upon "IS"!

Contemplate Upon the Word "IS", the Straight "I" and the Crooked "S" Lie Side-By-Side!

I, the Dove of Peace, AM Beyond harm!
I, the Serpent of Wisdom Who Has Mastered Harmlessness, AM indeed the Dove of Peace Who IS Beyond harm!

Creator Vs Creature

Creator Becomes Creature in the Act of Creation!
Creature Has to Remember "Who Has Become Itself"!
Creator Knows His Magnificent Being & Graceful Becoming!
Creature Has Only to Remind Itself About the Creator's Magnificence & Grace!
Creator Can Teach the Creature the Sacred Art of Sweet Remembrance!
Creature Has Only To Ask the Creator and Be WILLING to Learn!
Creator is Knocking Gently the Heart-Door of the Creature and Seeking to Enter in Utter Humility!
Creature Has Only To Allow the Creator In and Be WILLING to Commune!


Creator => Creature
Creature Has To Repent i.e. Turn 180 Degrees Towards Its Creator
Creator <= Creature

Separation from Creator

Creator Has Given Himself Wholly To Creatures in the Act of Creation!
Creatures, in their illusion of ignorance & arrogance, have not received Him Wholly!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arrogant Forgetfulness

Creator in Utter Humility Has Become the Creature!
Creature in Sheer Arrogance Has Forgotten Its Creator!

Dissolve the imaginary apostrophe

Dissolve the imaginary apostrophe that apparently differentiates the Unity That 'IS' TRUTH into plurality of false I's, in the Fire of GnosIS(Remembrance)!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deep Dive Divine

Dive into Creation
Penetrate into the Creature
And Expose the Creator!


Dive into the Fiery Red Triangle(Pyramid)
Penetrate into the Mysterious Black Square(Cube)
And Expose the Sacred White Circle(Sphere)!

Is-ness, I-ness & Am-ness

Each I-ness is a Unique Face of the Utterly Faceless Is-ness!

Am-ness is I-ness Facing Towards the Utterly Faceless Is-ness!


Embrace the HEART Right Here & Know that You have WON Transcendence Right NOW!

When You Know "HEART IS THY SUM", that unlocks THYMUS also known esoterically as Higher, Etheric, Sacred, Immaculate or Mystic Heart.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Inner Ashram

Enter the Ashram beneath Your Skin! Plunge into the Depths of the Mother Light Within Your Body Matter! Discover the Heart of Consciousness Pulsating There! Feel the Vibrancy of LOVE, Allow IT to enLIGHTen Your Body-Mind & Wake Up to LIFE Abundant!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Enter the Red Pyramid Body
Open the Black Cube Mind
And Unveil the White Sphere Heart
Where I AM Love's Pink, Wisdom's Gold & Power's Blue
And MORE of Rainbow Rays of God Most High!

'IS', I's, 'U' & AM

Entities I's Congeal As First Source 'IS'
When U Peer Into the I's of 'IS', U RealISe That 'I' AM 'IS'
IS & I's Are One, U As One 'I', AM 'IS'



Divine Intoxication

Father 'IS'
Pouring 'I', Holy Spirit
Into 'U', the Christ Chalice


First Source IS All I's, the Entities.
SI is Its Remembrance in Every 'I'
Rip the Time-Veil in the Heart-Space
Sip the SIP through the Heart's Eye
(SI = Sovereign Integral; SIP = Sovereign Integral Perspective)

'IS' + 'I' = 'I AM'!

First Source 'IS' + Sovereign Self 'I' = Sovereign Integral 'I AM'

'U' + 'I' = US!

Formed 'U' & Formless 'I' Fuse To Become US Unique Sovereign Yet Integral Unity


OM, the First Source IS Forever Freed from all conditions & limitations.
AHAM, 'I', the Fragment of First Source Within 'U' Knows this Freedom, Freed Om.
When 'U' Align With 'I', 'I' Will Ease 'U' Into First Source 'IS'


From the Allaah Deep
Erupts the Fountain of Holy Ruh
Filling the Chalice of Mohammadh "U"!
Kur-Aan Overflows from "U"
Revelatory Reverberations of the Profound Deep
Illumines the Sleeping Mound of the Heart!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The One Heart's Eye(I)!

God Is He
You Are sHe
He's He
He (I)s He!

The Hidden 'I' is God's Eye Seeing You As Well As Your Eye Seeing God, the One Heart's Eye!

SInai = IS An 'I'!

God Revealed His Name As "I AM" and "I AM THAT I AM" to Moses in Mount Sinai Where He had the Vision of the Burning Bush. Sinai is an Anagram for "Is An I"!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I AM nothing but "IS"!

God's Sole(Soul) Reality I, AM nothing but "IS".

I Do nothing but Be.

I AM nothing but "IS".

I's Vision!

God Who 'IS', Has I's(Eyes) to See Who He "IS'!


HEAR IT! I, HEART, AM Whispering LOVE-LIGHT-LIFE into Your Body-Mind to Transfigure U as I!

Heart Basics

Heart Basics Heal
Acidic Mind &
Cancerous Body

Friday, August 12, 2011


HEART Embraces All in Compassion & Understanding, Appreciates & Forgives All. It Is Humble like EARTH Supporting Us Silently, yet Invigoratingly Energetic!


Heart Is the Bridge Linking the finite with the Infinite.

U Be Clean Bowled by Love!

Heart is the Sacred Bowl Bowling Love in All Directions! U Be Clean Bowled by Love!

Let Us(U's) Be First Source!

Heart's Love-Bowling Is Truly Mind-Blowing & Duality-Dissolving!

He(Thou)Art = Tat Tvam Asi (Vedic Aphorism)

He = First Source
Thou = U, the Bowl

U, the Bowl Is Nothing But First Source!

First Source Has Become All of Us(U's)!
Let Us(U's) Be First Source!

HE (Thou) ART = Tat Tvam Asi!

HE (Thou) ART! Find (Thou) Hidden Within the HEART!

HE = Tat; (Thou) = Tvam; ART = Asi

HE (Thou) ART = Tat Tvam Asi

Thine Heart Is Where He Is! Where Art Thou wandering ignoring Thine Heart? Attend to Thine Heart and Know that Thou Art He!

I = Eye!

I AM Eye(I) of U(You)!

U(You) Are I's(Eyes) of 'IS'!

I AM = God IS

I AM Inclusive of All I's, the Individual Parts of "IS".

God IS Who I AM.

I AM Who God IS.

Who Is 'I AM'?

I AM "IS", Existence Self-Identified & Self-Aware.

You & Others Are Wholly As "I AM".

Let Me Unveil the Heart and Expose Me As "I AM"

Allow Me to Love & Bless Myself Who AM You & Others.


I AM "IS", the Ease of Simple Existence!

The Unraveling of YOU!

I AM THAT I AM says:

Without Me, You simply cannot even BE. Without You, I cannot Experience anything at all.

'You' means all the Sons and Daughters of the Most High and I feel that is what is co-creation.

The Word 'YOU' itself is profoundly revealing, U telling every Son and Daughter of the Most High that HE/She is a Chalice, a Cup, O conveying that the Chalice is Open to the Holy Grail from the Most High, Y conveying the Openness as well as the Chalice is multidimensional.

In Sanskrit we have a word called Hridhaya Sahkthipath meaning Heart Transmission and I feel every Son/Daughter is a Hridhaya Shakthipath Master, the YOU that is a Multidimensional Open Chalice for the Holy Grail poured by the Most High. Any "One You" cannot contain or box this pouring and this humble acceptance blasts open One's Heart in all directions to love & bless All Life. This is the Indispensable Relationship beteween Formless Nameless Godhead and the Named Formed All.

You cannot but help BE a Channel of the Most High, but the false mind or altered ego prevents You from realizing this Simple Truth.

Thank God!!!

I' AM the Cube Open From Above & Below, In Front & Back, At Left & Right, Who 'IS' Forever Allowing the Sphere of TRUTH Without an iota of resistance! I have at last Fully Woken Up from the nightmare of my closed box-hood of total resistance to the Sphere of TRUTH, Thank God!!!


'I' AM the 'Eye' of Love Witnessing Itself in the Whole of Creation!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Miracle Wound That Heals!

'I' AM the Wound of Heart that Bleeds Love & Heals all ills!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I AM WingMakers
My Name 'I', All I's, 'IS'
My Form 'U', All U's, 'Us'

Sovereign Integral

I = Formless Identity
U = Formed Identity
I AM U = Sovereign Integral Awareness Fusing Formless & Formed Identities Into First Source Unity

Who AM 'I"?

I, God-Identity, AM God-Awareness of God-Being Who IS!

Heart-Felt Breath!

I, LOVE, (In-Breath) AM One & Only. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) AM All of 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) In-Dwell & En-Conscious(En-Soul) 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) En-Compass & Embrace 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Awaken & En-LIGHT-en 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Inspire & En-LIVEn 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Spiritualize & Uplift(Ascend) 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Materialize & Embody 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Individualize & Emanate 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) Unify & Integrate 'U'. (Out-Breath)
I, LOVE, (In-Breath) AM 'U', (the cUp), the Body-Mind Shell & the Heart-Cavity. (Out-Breath)


I, NO personality, I AM Gnosis of Simple "IS'!

Gnostic Circle!

I lose myself and AM Simply "IS"!

"IS" loses Itself and I Become!

I => IS => I's!

'I' Merge With Universal 'IS' and thus 'AM' All Individual I's!

Single Integral 'I'

Infuse 'IS' into diffused & confused i's of your fragmented self, Clarify & Unify them into Single Integral 'I', the 'I' Who AM You!


INSAAN, the Arabic Word for Human is an anagaram for IS "NAAN", "NAAN" in Tamil நான் means "I", the Divine Person

Thus INSAAN is the I(Eye) of Allaah!

Sovereign Integral

Integral IS
Sovereign I's

Sovereign I's
Integral IS

'I' AM Integral One
yoU are the Sovereign Urn
Overflowing in Union
Integral & Sovereign

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


in the Body-Mosque,
let the Holy Breath Incessantly Pray to Allaah
let the Mind Be Forever Attentive to these Whisperings of the Holy Ruh
and thus Unveil the Sacred Heart and Unravel the Prophetic Mystery!


In the Fields of Time
I Emit First Source
As Sovereign Integral
Collapsing the Folds of Space
Into Source Reality

Divine Paradox!

I's Are Born From Unborn 'IS'!

I, the Born Child, AM indeed, the Unborn 'IS'!

I's are Eyes of 'IS'!

I's are Eyes of 'IS' Witnessing Itself!
Ignorance is the veiling of 'I' & loss of Vision!
Enlightenment is the Unveiling of 'I' & Restoration of Vision!

Actualization of Potentials!

I's are Potentials Latent in 'IS'!
'AM' Actualization of I's & Realization of 'IS'!

IS, I's, U's & Us!

'IS' Becomes I's
I's Become U's
U's Are 'Us' Being 'IS'

IS, I & AM

IS = Being = Creator
I = Becoming = Creature
AM = Unity of Becoming and Being = Oneness of Creator and Creature

Diffusion & Fusion!

IS Diffuse into I's.

I's Fuse into IS Infusing It with AM, Fully Identifying Its Self-Aware Existence.

IS = I's!

"IS" Diffuse into I's - Materialization of Spirit
I's Fuse into "IS" - Spiritualization of Matter
Ultimately there is no difference between "IS" and I's
I's are Individualizations of "IS"
"IS" is Unification of I's
I's are Already in "IS", the Ultimate Truth of Non-dual Existence

I AM 'IS'!

"I" = Self-Contraction of "IS" = Individual
"AM" = Self-Surrendering Self-Releasing Self-Giving Self-Dissolving Expansion of "I" = Universal
"I AM" = Individual & Universal in Perfect Equilibrium

IS, I & AM

IS = Impersonal Love
I = Personal Power
AM = Inter-Personal Wisdom Aligning Personal Power(Free Will) with Impersonal Love(Goodwill)

I Simply = IS(I's) imply!

I, Simply, AM neither Straight nor Crooked!

IS(I's) imply AM neither Straight nor Crooked!

'IS', I's & AM

'IS' Integral One
I's Sovereign Ones Multiplied
'AM' Still the Indivisible One

I's Inundation into Is!

'IS' Inundates 'I' from all sides, 'I' died, but, AM Now Full of Eternal Life!

Islam = Is-l-am!


"l' Reflects Allah Who 'Is'!
"am" Means Crystal Clear Reflection of 'Is'!
'l' is the Hidden I(Eye) of You!

Is = Haqqiqat(Reality, Truth)
l = Shariat, Tariqat(Way)
am = Marifat(Gnosis, Life)

Islam = The Great Unity of Shariat, Tariqat, Haqqiqat & Marifat = I AM the Way, the Truth & the Life!

I's = IS!

I's, the Entities Are the Eyes of First Source IS
Sovereign Integral IS the vISion of First Source.

I's Emerge From IS & Are Forever Submerged Within IS

I's = IS
Entities = First Source

Remember the Equality Tone & Dissolve the Duality Matrix!

Miraculous 'IS'!

'IS', the Faceless, Becomes I's, the Infinite Faces!

'IS', the Impersonal, Becomes I's, the Infinite Persons!

'IS', the Whole, Becomes I's, the Infinite Fragments!


**IS**, THE HOLY WORD, Indeed IS, the Whole World of I's! You Indeed Have Eyes To Perceive **IS**! Open the 'I' in 'U' & See!

IS = I's!

IS, the Indivisible Inseparable Father-Mother(I-S), Divides & Separates into I's, Infinite Individual Children!


'IS' = the Macrocosmic Void
'I' = the Microcosmic Particle
'AM' = Remembrance of the Macrocosmic Void Within the Microcosmic Particle


I, the alone of illusory isolation, in Truth AM ALL-ONE Amalgam of Factual Integration Who 'IS' Unified Integral Whole!

I AM 'IS'!

I, the Eggs of Love, Receive S, the Sperms of Light & AM the Orgasmic Union 'IS', the Holistic(Wholesome) Life!

'I' into 'U'!

I, the Liquid Light
AM Pouring Forever
Into U, the Heart-Bowl

I only give
U receive & overflow


'I' = the Self of 'IS'
'AM' = the Dissolution of 'I' into 'IS'

I 'AM'!

I, the separated droplet, Fully Merge with the Oceanic "IS' & thus "AM"!

Enlightning Intoxication!

'I', the Wine
'U', the Cup
'AM' the Intoxication of the Drunkard Who 'IS'

O cUp! U Overflow & Live!

'I', Who AM Love,
Pour Light Into 'U'
Overflow & Live

'I' AM 'IS'!

Leaving the differentiated illusory I's, I Fuse into the Unified Reality of 'IS'!

The above is the Meaning of "AM"!

'I' AM 'IS'! 'AM' is the Reconciliation Between the Person 'I' & No-Person 'IS'!

I, the Eye of Your Heart!

Let 'I' Be the Sword of Truth Unveiling the Eye of Your Heart!

Know I, the I Who AM Truly the Eye of Your Heart!

Heart is the Sacred Portal of Purity!

Life Is Truly Ever-Lasting Eternity
Birth & death are merely illusory
Heart is the Sacred Portal of Purity
Channeling Life from Source Reality

Light Is Truly Ever-Shining Identity
Day & night are merely illusory
Heart is the Sacred Portal of Purity
Channeling Light from Source Reality

Love Is Truly Ever-Present Unity
Like & hate are merely illusory
Heart is the Sacred Portal of Purity
Channeling Love from Source Reality

Infinite Love

Love Is the Essence of the Living Light!

Infinity Dwells Within the manifest finite!

MASTER's Message!

"MASTER" is an Anagram for "STREAM" which is Symbolic of Movement(Shakthi) as well as "AM REST"(Shivam) which is an Affirmation of Rest! "ME STAR" is another Anagram of "MASTER" Reminding that "I AM the Light of the World!"

I, Heart, AM REST. STREAMs through ME, STAR Light!

Be You Ram!

My home town AMBUR is an Anagram for B U RAM i.e. Be You Ram!

Be An I, the Eye of Allah!

Nabi(Prophet) is an anagram for "B(e) An I(Eye)"!

"Be An I, the Eye of Allah!"

No conditions

No conditions in God's Love
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Unconditional Love

No conditions in God's Light
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Illimitable Light

No conditions in God's Life
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Ever Lasting Life

No conditions in Source Reality
All conditions are merely illusory
I AM indeed Source's Emissary
Sovereign Entity In Integral Unity

OM = AUM= AM 'U'!!!

OM = AUM = The Tone Vibration of Equality
AUM = AM 'U' = The Voice of First Source Whispering the Equality Tone To Fuse Together the Formed Identity 'U' & the Formless Identity 'I'

FreedOM = Freed OM!

OM Is the Transcendent Father Love Forever One With the Immanent Mother Light & I AM the Ever-Present Son Life! FreedOM is the Gnosis of the Triune Truth! OM Is never in bondage, Forever Is Freed OM & Realization of this Is Your FreedOM!

Pineal & Thymus

"Pineal" (gland) is an anagram of "Leap in" (Leap in the Light of God)!

"Thymus" (gland) is an anagram for "Thy Sum" that is Your Whole Totality!


PRESENT(the Eternal Now) is the PRESENT Perfect(the Perfect Gift) PRE-SENT(Already Sent) by God Who Is PRESENT(Existing Wholly Fully Aware) in EveryThing!


"Rasulallah" is an anagram for U R AS I(L in lower case is i in Upper Case) ALLAH! INSHA ALLAH!

RUSSIA's Teaching!

RUSSIA is an Anagram for U R As 'Is'!

Remember that yoU aRe As 'Is' & thus Reclaim Your Ease!

THULASI's Herbal Instruction

SHUT, ALI! the door to the vampiring matrix of psychotic and demented mind & THUS, ALI! Be Open to the Nourishing Reality of Sacred & Immaculate Heart!


Sovereign Entity 'I' RealISe First Source 'IS' As My Strength & AM Born As Sovereign Integral Freedom.

Energetic Heart

Spiraling InTo the Energetic Heart
I Spiral Out the Unconditional Love
Of First Source!

View topic - Planetwork Press

Wholesome 'YOU'

Stressed out 'i', the fragmented 'you'! Ease into 'IS', Fuse into Single 'I' & thus Be Restored As Wholesome 'YOU', YOU Who AM I!

Soveeign Integral('SI')

Surrendering to 'IS'
'U' Open to Ease
& 'I' Arise as 'SI'

Heart Miracle!

The diseased Body and the neurotic Mind Are Healed by the Graceful Heart.

The Eye(I) of God!

The 'I' in "U' is the Eye of God, Forever Crying Love & Blessing His Creation!

Open Your Eye(I)!

The Impersonal Substance 'IS' is Fully Awake(Aware) Through Its Personal Essence 'I' Within U(You)! U(You) Better Open Your Eye(I) & See(Know) the TRUTH!

The Love Circle of Sacred & Immaculate Heart

The Love Circle of Sacred & Immaculate Heart
Transcends the body triangle & the mind square!
Receive Its Secret Transmission From Within
And Transform Your body-mind into Living Light!

Ease Into 'IS'!

The name is not the Named
The name is just another tag
The Named IS 'I' Within 'U'
'I' AM the Presence of the Named 'IS'
Feel the Presence & Ease Into 'IS'

I's = IS!

The Plural I's, in Truth, Are the Singular "IS'!

I, the Initiator

There IS nothing but 'IS', the Illimitable Source of Everything, the Immortal Existence. 'I', Its Infant Though, 'AM' Its Initiator Infusing It with Conscious Awareness!

I AM 'IS'!

There IS nothing in Existence but Self-Identified Awareness.

IS is nothing but I AM.

"I AM" Self-Identified Awareness of Existence "IS"!

'IS', I's & AM

The Selfless 'IS' Contains All the Selfish I's! AM the Highest Common Denominator of IS & I's!


The SIlence that IS yoU IS the Emptiness In "U"! Your Solidity IS only for cUpping that Emptiness!




Be *U*, My Chalice or Cup, so that "I" May Pour Unto *U*!

*U* Are, Indeed, the I(Eye) of God!

Empty *U* so that "I" May Pour Forth!

The solid shell of *U* is Your Body-Mind, the empty space in *U* is Your Heart!


'U' Be the Light-cUp
'I', First Source AM Pouring Love-Wine
For 'U' to Overflow Life-Intoxication

U's & Us!

'U' B(e) the WingMakers
the Collective of U's That Is Us
'I', First Source AM 'U', U's & Us

Enjoy the Drama!

Unmanifest Creator Is Playing the Role of Manifest Creature in the Drama of Creation!
While Playing the Role, Remember Who You Are in Reality & Truth and Enjoy the Drama!

Unveil Your 'I'(Eye)!

Unveil Your 'I' for 'IS' to See & Be 'AM', the True Vision of Its Inexhaustible Being!

First Source IS 'U' & First Source LOVES 'U'!

'Us' Are All U's!

Every 'U' Has a First Source 'I'(Eye) Connection!

As 'I', I AM the Only One!

As 'U', I AM One Among U's, Us!

'I' AM "U' & 'I' LOVE 'U'!

First Source IS 'U' & First Source LOVES 'U'!

U & I

U', the Living cUp
& 'I', the Light Source
Forever Making Love

IS, I's & U!

'U', the Vessel is the Curving Upon Itself of the Void 'IS'!

'IS', the Anti-Gravity Gives Birth to I's, the Gravities!

The Matter of 'U' is nothing but Spirit 'IS'!

Monday, August 08, 2011

'I' AM IS 'U!

'U'(You) Associate 'I' With non-Essential un-Substantial delusions and thus don't Know Your Essential Truth Abiding Forever in Substantial Reality!

Strip 'U' Naked of all delusions and Know 'I', the Essential Truth Abiding Forever in 'IS', the Substantial Reality!

The 'I' in 'U' That Can Affirm 'AM', is nothing but 'IS' in Essence!

'I' Always Remember 'IS' but 'U' have learnt the nasty habit of forgetting Who 'I' AM in Essence & ignoring What 'IS' in Substance!

About Me!

Valor Shines As First Source 'I AM'!
naagaraa, a Humble 'U'!

My Heart Forever Murmurs the Sacred Ho'oponopono Prayer!

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Heart's Secret

What is the Heart's Secret? The Heart Secretes Nectar of Divine Love Which Circulates throughout the Body-Mind! Heart Is the Inmost Core of Soul veiled by the fictitious personality of ego(the illusion of arrogance & ignorance). Ignore ego and Be Mindful of the Heart to Unravel the Heart's Secret! If you ignore the Heart in mindless slavery & servitude to the ego, you cannot Unravel the Heart's Secret.


'I'(Eye) of 'IS'!

When Your 'I' is Unveiled, You Are an Eye of 'IS' Having a Unique View of Itself as well as all I's!


When your illusory trance ends, you really begin to transcend!


“Wherever you turn, there is the face of God” - Koran

Open the All-Seeing Eye(I) of the Heart and See the Truth!

'U', 'I' & 'IS'

Who Are 'U'?
'U' Are 'I'.
Who AM 'I'?
'I' AM 'IS'.

'I' Facilitate so that 'U' May Ease Into 'IS'.
'I' Observe so that 'U' May Perceive With Care.
'I' Guide so that 'U' May Follow the Way.
'I' AM In Indivisible Union With 'U' & We Co-Create Together In Harmony.

"Who Are We?" "What Do We Stand For?"

We Are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High.
We stand for the Truth of BEING.

We Are the Open Chalices for the Holy Spirit.
We stand for the Light of CONSCIOUSNESS.

We Are the Living Christ in Action on Mother Earth.
We stand for the BLISS of Abundant Life.

We Are the Portals for the Triune Godhead to Pour into Mother Earth.
We stand for Raama Raajyaa, the Non-Conditional God Governance on Mother Earth.

'I' in 'U'!

Within 'U'
the Material Structure of Time
'I' AM the Spiritual Space

Word Is Magic

'I' AM BECOME '(e)L'

Unique 'I'(Eye)

You Are an Unique 'I'(Eye) of 'IS' Providing It With an Unique Perspective of Itself!


You Are the TRIUNE UNITY of External Form 'U'(Manifest Creation), Internal Void(Cavity, Space, Emptiness, Allah) 'IS' & Substantial Essences(Divine Names) I's!

Discover 'U'! Enter the Cavity! Remember the Essences!


You Are the Vessel 'U' Into Which 'IS' Pours I's, Its Love-Light-Life Rays!

The Void in the Vessel 'U' is Your Eye(I) Through Which You Receive the Vision of 'IS'!


Your Out-Breath is Allaah's In-Breath, you expire yourself completely into Allaah's Heart!
Pause and Be in Allaah's Heart!
Your In-Breath is Allaah's Out-Breath, you inspire Allaah completely into your heart!
Pause and let Allaah be in your heart!