Friday, August 12, 2011

The Unraveling of YOU!

I AM THAT I AM says:

Without Me, You simply cannot even BE. Without You, I cannot Experience anything at all.

'You' means all the Sons and Daughters of the Most High and I feel that is what is co-creation.

The Word 'YOU' itself is profoundly revealing, U telling every Son and Daughter of the Most High that HE/She is a Chalice, a Cup, O conveying that the Chalice is Open to the Holy Grail from the Most High, Y conveying the Openness as well as the Chalice is multidimensional.

In Sanskrit we have a word called Hridhaya Sahkthipath meaning Heart Transmission and I feel every Son/Daughter is a Hridhaya Shakthipath Master, the YOU that is a Multidimensional Open Chalice for the Holy Grail poured by the Most High. Any "One You" cannot contain or box this pouring and this humble acceptance blasts open One's Heart in all directions to love & bless All Life. This is the Indispensable Relationship beteween Formless Nameless Godhead and the Named Formed All.

You cannot but help BE a Channel of the Most High, but the false mind or altered ego prevents You from realizing this Simple Truth.

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