Monday, November 06, 2006

The Complete Realization of "I AM"

Being is Your Natural State wherefrom You actually Begin. It is the Impersonal Isness Wherefrom emerge Your Personal I-ness and unto which remain forever submerged. Isness and I-ness are an Indivisible Oneness - The Impersonal Absence and the Personal Presence Inseparably United.

I-ness is the Heart, Personally Present everywhere of the Impersonal Isness of Being. This is the Mystery of the Presence pervading the Absence and the Absence caressing the Presence forever and everywhere.

You are God who is the Presence as well as the Absence. But without knowing yourself as the Personal Presence of God, the First Manifest Light, You cannot know yourself as the Impersonal Absence of God, the Unmanifest Absolute and the Primordial Dark.

The Impersonal Isness is the Most High Father. The Personal Presence is the Beloved mother. As a result of the Union of Father and Mother, the Master or Sathguru is born, the Son/Daughter of the Primal Parents. The Sathguru is the Amness, the Self-Awareness permeating the whole of Isness and I-ness and the First Cause creating All That Is.

You Are the Father-Mother God as well as the Sathguru. But without knowing Yourself as the Sathguru, the Son/Daughter of the Most High Father and the Beloved Mother, You cannot know Yourself as the Father-Mother God.

The Father Isness, the Mother I-ness and the Sathguru Amness are United in Inseparable and Indivisible Oneness forever and everywhere. This in a nutshell, is the Complete Realization of the "I AM" - the God that You Are, the God that Every One Is.

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