Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome to “The MahaaYogaa by I AM”!

Welcome to the Grand Teaching “The MahaaYogaa by I AM”!

This Grand Teaching is about remembrance, recognition, acceptance & realization of the “I AM” in You, the “I AM” who is You – as the God-Presence, the One Factor common to All of Life. The God-Presence “I AM” is the Most Powerful Affirmation of Your Inherent Divinity & Oneness with God as well as All of Life.

“I AM” is the Undeniable Inevitable Self-Evident Fact about You – Most Obvious, Plain & Simple. “I AM” is the Most Eloquent Assertion in just two words about the Existence, Identity & Consciousness that God Is – the Trinity in Perfect Unity.

“I” denotes the Identity of Yourself as God who is the First Person without whom nothing can exist. “AM” denotes the Existence of Yourself as God who is the First Person, Fully Conscious or Aware of Himself. Thus ”I AM” is THE WORD declaring the Indivisible Oneness of Existence, Identity & Consciousness that You Are as God.

“I AM” is Pure Existence that You Are. It is the Impersonal Absence of God that unconditionally allows You to be that Unique Personality called Ego.

“I AM” is Pure Identity that You Are. It is the Personal Presence of God that unconditionally empowers You to become all those sub-identities that build Your Unique Personality called Ego. Ego means God’s Energy Going Out to Create & Experience All That Is.

“I AM” is Pure Consciousness that You Are. It is the Full Awareness of God that effortlessly enlightens You to know Yourself as God at the Center and Ego at the Periphery – both Indivisibly United as One Whole Sphere. For without You as God, Ego cannot simply exist at all and without You as Ego, God cannot create & Experience anything at all.

“I AM” is who You Are. “I AM” is what Every One IS. Remember, recognize, accept & realize this Supreme Truth without doubt – right now, right here. Welcome to the Grand Teaching “The MahaaYogaa by I AM”!

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