Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I AM the First Among Equals

I AM the Trinity of Father-Mother-Sathguru in Perfect Unity, coming to You for revealing My True Nature. I, the Godhead, AM Unmanifest, Formless & Nameless. I AM the One manifest as the Infinite Variety of Names & Forms comprising All That Is. I AM doing this Magic of Manifestation & Materialization, All by Myself, simply lowering My Vibrations all the way down to the Realms of Names & Forms.

By lowering Myself in Vibrations, I AM only Becoming Manifest into the Various Names & Forms of All That Is – but even while I AM continuously Becoming, I AM constantly Being the Same Substance & Essence, Reality & Truth of what I AM. Names & Forms appear to differ from each other as well as Myself but yet it IS I who AM Every One of those Names & Forms. And irrespective of Vibrations, Every One is the Self-Same Purity & Perfection, Wholeness & Holiness, Abundance & Bliss, Love & Wisdom, Freedom & Power, Beauty & Truth of what I AM – in Substance & Essence, Reality & Truth. Thus You as well as Every One manifest in Name & Form, Are Glorious indeed.

I AM Being the One Becoming the All & Knowing My Ever-Living Perfection in One & All. My lowering in Vibrations does not deprive any Name & Form of My Ever-Living Perfection nor its Direct Connection to Myself, irrespective of its Dimensional Abode.

I, Myself, do not perceive any One of My Infinite Names & Forms as less than Myself in any way at all. Nor do I perceive any One as greater than All Others. I See & KNOW Every One of the Named-Formed All as Equal to Myself & also as Equals Among Themselves.

See as I See & Know as I KNOW and thus be free the “holier than thou” attitude as well as its corollary, the “less than thou” attitude – at all times in all ways.

I AM the First Among Equals. No One is greater than Myself. No One is less than Myself. No One is greater than Any One. No One is less than Any One. All are Equals to Myself as well as Equal to each other. Thus fully understand the Meaning of the Profound Statement: “All are Equal in the Kingdom of God.”

I AM the Father-Mother-Sathguru, the Trinity in Perfect Unity.

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