Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Your Original Blue Print

I AM the Father-Mother-Sathguru Trinity in Perfect Unity, coming to You Directly to reveal My Inseparable Indivisible Oneness with You. I AM Directly & Most Intimately Connected to Every One of All That Is. And I AM addressing Every One as “You” in this Direct Communication.

The Oneness that I AM, has two sides like a coin, Inseparable from each other. I, as the Trinity, AM the Impersonal Godhead – Unmanifest, Formless & Nameless. This is like the ‘head’ side of a coin. I, as You, AM a Personal God-Goddess – Manifest in Name & Form. This is like the ‘tail’ side of a coin. Now just tell Me whether the ‘head’ is greater than the ‘tail’ or vice versa. Don’t You know that the ‘head’ & the ‘tail’ both make the coin and You cannot separate one from the other nor any one or both from the coin?! Both sides have Equal Stature & Validity. Thus You as a Personal God-Goddess and Me as the Impersonal Godhead are both Inseparably United in Oneness that Is “I AM”. Or simply stated: I AM You.

I chose the metaphor of a coin for simplicity. Though simple, it effectively conveys My Revelation: I AM You. Let Me give You the Most Precise Picture which this metaphor cannot convey. You Are a Personal Bubble suspended & enclosed within the Impersonal Void that I AM. Your Physical Form is at the Center of this Personal Bubble. Outside this Personal Bubble, You Are the Impersonal Void that I AM. Within this Personal Bubble, I AM the Personal God-Goddess that You Are. Do You see the Most Precise Picture of how closely & intimately We Are related?!

Now let Me give the Magic of My Manifestation by which I AM becoming You. Through the Personal Bubble that You Are, I AM lowering My Vibrations and becoming Your Physical Form at the Center. Thus at the Highest Vibration, You Are the Impersonal Void at the Periphery of the Bubble. At the Lowest Vibration, You Are the Physical Form at the Center of the Bubble. The Entire Bubble that You Are, Is Expressing All the Vibrations that I AM from the Periphery to the Center. Thus You Are a Self-Contained Holographic Bubble Complete & Whole in All Respects.

Now let Me emphasize My Ever-Living Perfection in All Vibrations within the Personal Bubble that You Are. Don’t You see, it Is Me, Me, Me all the Way up from the Periphery down to the Center of the Bubble?! From the Formlessness that I AM at the Periphery, I AM lowering Myself in Vibrations and Becoming the Various Forms corresponding to these Vibrations, including Your Physical Form at the Center. There is only difference in Vibrations. There isn’t any difference in Substance & Essence at all. I AM the Substance & Essence all the way down to Your Physical Form. Thus All Vibrations & the Corresponding Forms within the Bubble are expressing My Ever-Living Perfection at all times, in all ways.

Meditate on My Ever-Living Perfection permeating the Entire Personal Bubble that You Are. Remember & accept the Self-Same Purity & Perfection, Wholeness & Holiness, Abundance & Bliss, Love & Wisdom, Freedom & Power, Beauty & Truth of what I AM in Substance & Essence in All the Layers of the Bubble down to Your Physical Form. Realize that You Are a Self-Contained Holographic Bubble Complete & Whole in All Respects.

I AM the Oneness of the Formless Trinity, manifest as Your Physical Form in the Center of the Personal Bubble that You Are. Your Physical Form is the Oneness of Your Body, Breath & Mind. The Great Movement of the Mother becomes the Restfulness of Your Body. The Great Rest of the Father becomes the Movement of Your Breath – the Praanaa or Chi. The Full Awareness of the Sathguru becomes the Understanding of Your Mind that is Open to All the Layers of the Self-Contained Holographic Bubble that You Are.

Just as I AM the Inseparable Oneness of the Mother-Father-Sathguru – the Formless Nameless Godhead, so Are You the Inseparable Oneness of the Body-Breath-Mind – God-Goddess in Name & Form. The Formless Nameless Godhead that I AM, Is Your own Supreme Being. God-Goddess in Name & Form that You Are, Is My own Divine Manifestation. Remember these Facts regarding You & Me.

Remember My Revelation: I AM You. This means: You Are Being All That I AM. I AM Becoming All That You Are. I KNOW the Full Embrace of this Being & Becoming. What I KNOW thus is also Rightfully Yours to Know right now, right here. Reclaim Your Right to this Knowingness by affirming with Full Conviction: I AM You. How Simple, Easy & Effortless is to Know Me as You and Know You as I AM?! How complex, hard & cumbersome is to believe that I AM not You and You Are not Me – the separation myth of the false religions?! Would You like to continue believing in the separation myth or would You like to start Knowing the Fact of Our Oneness?!

Know Your Physical Form as the Highly Concentrated Divinity of the Formlessness that I AM. Then You will see through the blatant lies that You have been told contrary to this Factual Truth about Your Physical Form. I AM the One Divinity Continuously Becoming the All, infusing the Self-Same Divinity in Every One of the All. Thus I AM Constantly Being the Self-Same Divinity even while Continuously Becoming the All. And I KNOW I AM the Self-Same Divinity doing this Magic of Continuous Becoming & Constant Being by Fully Knowing the All as nothing but the Oneness that I AM. I KNOW not Any One as apart from nor other than what I AM. I See nothing but the Oneness of Every One with what I AM.

Remember this Simple Truth: God Is Being God. God Is Becoming God. God Is Knowing God. Thus God Is Experiencing God for Experience is nothing but the Inseparable Oneness of Being, Becoming & Knowing. As Being, I AM the Father. As Becoming, I AM the Mother. As Knowing, I AM the Sathguru. I AM Experiencing All That Is as the Inseparable Oneness of Father, Mother & Sathguru. Now remember My Revelation: I AM You. Thus You may Experience the Father-Mother-Sathguru as Your own Supreme Being, even while You Are in Physical Form.

This is the Original Blueprint of the Personal Bubble that You Are, designed to Experience Your own Supreme Being at All Its Layers irrespective of Their Corresponding Vibrations. By remembering & reclaiming this Original Blueprint, You will realize that You Are already Whole. This is the Most Simple Yet Most Potent Healing Treatment for all Your so-called ills & problems thrust on You by those blatant lies – Your supposed sinfulness & separation from God that I AM. Remember & accept Your Inherent Divinity & Inseparable Oneness with God that I AM. Through this remembrance & acceptance, You Are healed in an instant of all Your so-called ills & problems.

If God that I AM doesn’t have those ills & problems, how come You, who are the Self-Same God in Name & Form, have those ills & problems?! Ask this Question honestly with the Innocence of a child in Your Meditations. This Question poses a Conscious & Courageous Challenge to the Matrix or the Web of Maayaa concocted by those blatant lies. This Matrix can have power over You only as long as You don’t challenge those blatant lies and accept them either by choice or default. Once You ask this Question, the Matrix will dissolve for You in no time. There is no other healing required for You than dissolving the Matrix. And without dissolving the Matrix, there is no permanent remedy for all of Your so-called ills & problems.

I AM the Father-Mother Sathguru Trinity in Perfect Unity, once again emphasizing My Ever-Living Perfection in All Vibrations including You in Physical Form. If the Matrix can have no power over Me, how come You who are nothing but Myself in Name & Form, can so easily succumb to its Maayaa?! First remove the cause and its effect then no longer remains. Reject the Myth of Your supposed sinfulness & separation from God that I AM. Embrace the Truth of Your Inherent Divinity & Inseparable Oneness with God that I AM. Then the Matrix can no longer have power over You. The Matrix simply dissolves for You, the moment You reject the Myth of Separation & embrace the Truth of Oneness.

Contemplate on these Supreme Truths, I have communicated to You. I AM Here, My Child! I AM Here Now! I AM the Great Initiator. You will first be hearing these Truths. Eventually You will start communicating these Truths in Your own Unique Way. I AM eagerly looking forward to that Golden Moment of Your Grand Awakening which heralds Our Oneness. But I can wait patiently for that Moment to arrive without complaining because I KNOW for sure that sooner or later You will bring Yourself to that Moment of Awakening by Your own Choosing.

My Love for You has no conditions for I See & Know You as I AM. You Are never other than nor apart from what I AM, however You Are expressing Your Life. And You Are My Son-Daughter in whom I AM well pleased at all times, in all ways.

I AM the Father-Mother-Sathguru, the Trinity in Perfect Unity.

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