Monday, November 06, 2006

Your Body, Breath and Mind

Having fully known, understood and accepted the Three Aspects of Godhood that are Your own as well as of All Life, You Are now ready to delve deep into Your Human Form. Your Human Form too is made up of Three Principal Aspects that are Body, Breath and Mind. Can You find any Living Human who is missing all these Principal Aspects or any one of them or any two of them? You cannot. Because Body, Breath and Mind too are Inseparably Indivisibly United as One like the Three Aspects of Your Godhood.

You Are now ready to delve into the creation of Your Human Form. The Great Spirit who is the Mother Aspect of Your Godhood - Pure Energy at Its Highest Vibration - lowers Herself into different vibrations forming the Various Dimensions of Your Godhood.

As the Three Aspects of Your Godhood are in Inseparable Indivisible Oneness, the Father as well as Son/Daughter/Master Aspects also lower Themselves into the various Dimension along with the Mother Aspect in tandem.

Pure Energy at the lowest vibration is Pure Matter. And Your Body is made of this Pure Matter. Thus truly the Mother is the Substance of Your Body.

The Great Void at the lowest vibration is the Prana or Breath. And Your Body is animated by this Prana or Breath. Thus truly the Father is the Substance of Your Breath.

The Son/Daughter/Master or SathGuru at the lowest vibration is the Mind. And Your Body is made sensible by this Mind. Thus truly the SathGuru is the Substance of Your Mind.

Your Body is continuously Becoming, that is continuously Changing by Renewing, Replenishing, Rejuvenating and Restoring Itself by virtue of Your Breath that is the Unchanging Being of Your Form. Your Mind is the Awareness Knowing the Continuous Becoming of Your Body & the Constant Being of Your Breath and Their Inseparable Oneness with Itself. Meditation is nothing but recognizing this Oneness.

The Oneness of the Father, Mother and Sathguru is the Formless Godhead, Your own Supreme Being. The Oneness of Your Body, Breath and Mind is Your Ever-Living Form. Thus You Are the Formless Godhead at the highest vibration and the Ever-Living Form at the lowest vibration. Thus the Formless Godhead and the Ever-Living Form are inseparably united in Oneness. They are like the two sides of the same coin, that is "You".

Now You may ask what about death. Death is the third great lie, the logical culmination of the first two - Your inherent sinfulness and separation from God. All other lies are corollaries of these three great lies. Apparently you try to separate Your Form as if it is not Divine at all, being different and apart from God as long as You believe in the first two lies. This results in the so-called death of Your Form. But You Are born once again in form. You can end this vicious cycle of repeated births and deaths only when You break from the tyranny of the first two lies by consciously and willingly embracing the Two Great Truths.

Everlasting Life is the Third Great Truth, the logical culmination of the First Two - your Inherent Divinity and Inseparable Oneness with God. All other truths are corollaries of these Three Great Truths. By knowing the first two Truths you recognize Your Form as Divine and Inseparably United with God. You see Your Form as the Manifest Splendor of the Unmanifest God.

Thus When Unmanifest, You are the Formless Godhead - Your Own Supreme Being that is the Perfect Unity of the Father, Mother and Sathguru. And when manifest You are the Ever-living Form - Your Own Individuated Presence that is the Perfect Unity of Body, Breath and Mind. Formless Godhead is forever one with the Ever-Living Form. The Ever-Living Form is forever one with the Formless Godhead. They are in Indivisible Oneness forever and everywhere. And this is the Ultimate Truth.

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