Monday, November 06, 2006

What is Love?

Love is All There Is. Love is All That Is. Love is That Which IS. Love is God - the "I AM " in You & Every One, the "I AM" who is You & Every One.

Love at Its Highest Vibration is called Spirit - Pure & Perfect, Whole & Self-Sufficient. Love at Its Lowest Vibration is called Matter - Pure & Perfect, Whole & Self-Sufficient. Only Vibrations change. But the Substance & Essence, the Reality & Truth remain the same.

It is the most futile attempt by fear to negate Love by branding Matter as impure & imperfect, fragmented & lacking holiness. Remember: Love has no opposite. It is the One that is the Undeniable, Indisputable & Unquestionable Big Factor in everything. Fear appears to be the opposite of Love but Love has no opposite nor opposition.

Fear is the big lie trying in vain to deny, dispute & question the Big Factor. Love Itself allows this sordid game by fear for without Love even fear can't play its game.

Love is Unconditional. Love is Pure Allowing. When You say, "I LOVE", it sounds similar to "ALLOW". Love allows all, even the big lie & all other lies that are its corollaries. But why! So that You may fully understand Love that is God, Love that is "I AM", Love that is Every One & Love that is You in particular.

The big lie serves as a Clear Contrast to see the Big Factor. "A paralyzing emotion versus an Uplifting Feeling". Once You have seen the Contrast, the job of the big lie is over.

But the Zillion Dollar Question is: Are You seeing the Contrast and yet ignoring it and fooling Yourself? But why! And how long!!

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