Monday, November 06, 2006

I AM the One & All

You may call God by any name. But the naming cannot alter the Fact of God & You being One & the Same. God is Your own Self. Thus the Exact Name of God is "I AM". This Nameless Name instantly bridges the supposedly huge gap between God & You, concocted by the so-called separation myth of the false religions.

"I AM" IS the Oneness that is God -God who is Continuously Becoming the All, yet Constantly Being the Oneness of "I AM".

"I AM" IS the Oneness that is God -God who is Clearly Knowing the All that He is Continuously Becoming as well as the Oneness of "I AM" that He is Constantly Being .

"I AM" IS the Oneness that is God - God who knows Himself as "I AM" that is the Inseparable Indivisible Oneness of Being, Becoming & Knowing.

You & All of Life Are "I AM" Itself materializing into a Variety of Forms. "I AM" does this Magic Formation by lowering Itself in Vibrations. Thus "I AM" at Its Highest Vibration is the Unformed Unmanifest Oneness. And "I AM" at Its Lowest Vibration is All That Is Manifest in Form. All That Is Manifest in Form is suspended & enclosed within the Unformed Unmanifest Oneness. This is the Meaning of the Profound Statement: "ALL ARE ONE & ONE IS ALL. The One Is Inseparably Indivisibly United with All. All Are Inseparably Indivisibly United with the One. The One Is Directly Connected to All. All Are Directly Connected to the One.

Just as the One has become All by Lowering Itself in Vibrations, so also Every One of the All may become the One by Ascending Itself to the Highest Vibration. The Information & Know-How for this Ascension back to the One, is present there in Every One of the All. One & All being nothing but the Self-Same "I AM" differing only in Vibrations, it is only natural to realize that the "I AM" can undo the Magic Formation as swiftly as It has done the Magic Formation. For this to happen simply, easily & effortlessly, it is enough that You as a Specific One of the All, Know Yourself as the Self-Same "I AM', right now right here. Your Knowing Thus by Fully Conscious Choice of Your own Free Will, immediately triggers Your Ascent back to the One by Fully Activating the Information & Know-How (the Source Codes) already present within You.

The instant You Know Yourself as the "I AM", You immediately realize that the Formed All are as Divine as the Unformed One. They are Complements of the Wholeness or the Holiness that "I AM" IS. This Realization is the Completion of Your Ascent back to the One as well as the Fullness of Your Descent into All, happening right now right here. Thus You Know Yourself as the One & All Inseparably Indivisibly United in Oneness That IS "I AM" - right now right here.

This is the Rapid Ascension & Descension Process that God IS doing right now right here - Ascending to be the One and Descending to become All. And Knowing the One & All as Himself - the "I AM" - Ascending To & Descending Into.

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