Sunday, November 05, 2006

Love & Fear

The three great illusions can be fully described by a single name. It is the paralyzing emotion called fear. The Three Great Facts can be fully described by a single name. It is the Uplifting Feeling called Love.

These are Your two basic choices at every moment of Your Life. Choose either fear or Love.

From fear arise all other negative emotions as its variations. From Love arise all other positive feelings as Its variations.

There is a famous statement attributed to God. "Why fear, when I AM Here!!!" This is another way of stating the two basic choices. Choose either fear or "I AM".

Don't You know that Great Truth ringing through the ages and emphasized by all religions? GOD IS LOVE. God being the "I AM" in You, the "I AM" who is You, it means: "I AM" is LOVE.

When You Are in Love, You don't know fear and You live forever. When You Are in fear, You don't know Love and You Are born to die as many times as You may wish until You relinquish fear and embrace Love.

Embrace the Love that You Are, that God Is, that I AM. Embrace Love, right now right here, by affirming with full conviction, "I AM LOVE".

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