Friday, January 14, 2011


Allaah = IS = Pure Existence = OM = SATH
Mohammadh = AM = Pure Awareness = DHAM = AANANDHAM
Holy Ruh = *L*(I) = Pure Identity = AHAM = CHITH

IS Knows Itself as AM Through *L*(I)

Without the Holy Ruh, the Breath of Allaah, You can never Realize the Truth that You Are Mohammadh, the Enlightened Integral Heart of Allaah!

ALL, AAH!, Are the Offshoots of the Triune Fountainhead IS*L*AM!

Mother of All Vedic Manthraas OM, AHAM, DHAM Are Seeded in Plain Sight in MOHAMMADH's Name!

OM, AHAM, DHAM = The Three-Syllable Kur-Aan = The Veda of IS*L*AM!

The Innocent Heart Express MAILS Its Gnosis to the stupid mind which is beyond its grasp! The stupid mind is busy in its idiotic world!

Whom Will You Choose?!

The Innocent Heart or the stupid mind.

Be Smart & Choose Right, Will You?!

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